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A Head Stone

Arme Head Stone

A long low boulder bearing the inscription 'A Head', engraved on the southern face. This is the 'symbolic' head of the River Erme (Arme). Difficult to find without a reliable 10 figure grid reference, which is SX 62058 67274, especially as Ordnance Survey maps put the Erme Head a couple of hundred metres to the south.

A significant boulder for followers of the 1240 perambulation, citing The presentment of the Jury at a Survey Court for the Forest of Dartmore, A.D. 1609; "..and fromf thence linyallie to Easter Whitaburrowe and from linialle to Redlake foote whir it falleth in Erme, and from thence linialle ascendinge unto Arme headd, wch. they take to be a place named in the same records Grimsgrove."

An alternative location for the boundary point has been suggested by Roland Ebdon, that the boundary point is possibly 'Grim's Grave', a Kistvaen over a kilometre to the south-west, beside Langcombe Brook, and marked on Ordnance Survey maps.

This outcrop is accessible to the public.
Enjoy, but please behave responsibly and always follow the Countryside Code.
A Head Stone
Grid Ref:
SX 62058 67274
Dartmoor Forest
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Samuel Rowe
Roland Ebdon
Samuel Rowe: A Perambulation of Dartmoor
Roland Ebdon: The Perambulation: Dartmoor's Greatest Long Distance Walk