Australia Moorland Walker

The Bibbulmun Track – Brookton to Mount Cooke

Continuing my journey and after 4 days I’ve settled into the task. Section Two takes me from Brookton shelter to Mount Cooke.

Tuesday, 1st October 2013: Day 5

Brookton Shelter

The usual departure at 7:15 am. A long day ahead today, of 27km. To help, I set myself targets, or tick lists, along the route. The formation of note was Abyssinia Rock; an impressive granite outcrop.

Brookton Highway
Abyssinia Rock
Track passing Abyssinia Rock

Reached Canning Hut at 10:15am, took a quick break and then began the 15 km to the next hut. It was a hot descent down to the Canning River. I had hoped for a shady retreat for lunch, but I had to steal 5 minutes under a shady tree. The track was made easier by a bed of pine needles cushioning my footfall.

A break at Canning Hut
Canning River Crossing
Canning River
Herold Road

Once I had exhausted my tickoffs, I was at Monadnocks Campsite, and more company. A guy called Ross, with his son Lachlan, and a couple called Ian and Bernadette. Ross and Lachlan were new to the bushwalking lark, but were getting keener and eager to pick up tips on lightening their loads. Ian and Bernadette were regulars, having also walked the Overland Track in Tasmania.

Monadnocks Shelter

We had a good chat around the camp fire; looks like Ian and Bernardette would be joining me the next day at Mount Cooke.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013: Day 6

Waking up at Monadnocks

A later start as the distance was short today; 8:15 am. Up and over Mount Cuthbert was easy in the cool morning.

Selfie on Mount Cuthbert
Cairn on Mount Cuthbert
View from Mount Cuthbert
View from Mount Cuthbert
Rock Pool on Mount Cuthbert
View to Mount Vincent

Mount Vincent was rockier and more of a challenge.

Descending Mount Cuthbert
Tree Sap
Mount Vincent Summit
View to Mount Cuthbert

On my way down I met a bushwalker going north, called “Pedestrian Pete”. He gave me plenty of advice about snakes, although I am still to see any.

A break on Mount Vincent
Nearing the end of the leg

From Sullivan’s Rock Spur, it was steady walking in low scrub and then shady forest. I arrived at Mount Cooke hut just after midday, and made myself comfortable for the afternoon. Ian and Bernadette arrived a couple of hours later.

Mount Cooke Shelter
Ian and Bernadette

We also had a new visitor; A 29 year old called “Dropbear” arrived at 3pm. He was doing an End to End in forty days, and would turn out to be my companion all the way to Dwellingup!

To be continued…