Moorland Walker Tors

Meldon Hill from Shapley Common

Met up with Tim on Christmas Eve for a walk from Shapley Common to Meldon Hill. Tim wanted to take photos of the rock basins on the many outcrops on the hill and I just fancied the ramble. We’d also visit Grubby Close Tor and Jurston Rocks.

Langaford Clapper Bridge
Langaford Bridge
Tim eyeing up property at Higher Stiniel
Grubby Close Tor
Beetor Bridge
Meldon Hill South Tor Rock Basin
Meldon Hill Summit Rock Basin
Meldon Hill North West Tor
Meldon Hill North-West Tor
Meldon Hill West Tor Rock Basin
View to Cosdon Hill from Tunnaford Rocks
Tunnaford Rocks Basin
Lingcombe Farm Bridge
Slotted Gatepost, Lingcombe Farm
Millstone embedded in barn wall, Lingcombe Farm
Meldon Hill, Chagford
Tim inspects Jurston Rock
Flooded lane near Jurston Rock
Jurston Clapper Bridge
Blackingstone Rock from Shapley Common Car Park