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Tors of Dartmoor

Ingra Tor

and welcome to this searchable database celebrating the numerous tors and significant rocks of Dartmoor National Park, the well known that are shown on Ordnance Survey maps and those that are little known, merely remarked upon in the literature yet still not shown on maps. Then there are those that are the hidden tors, obscured on the slopes of East Dartmoor buried beneath a canopy of trees near to Lustleigh, Hennock, Manaton and Moretonhampstead. Currently, with 923 locations listed and 3639 photos, we believe this is the most definitive collection available of both lesser and well-known tors and rocks and has involved at least a decade of exploration.

Recent Additions

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by Max Piper


Have you ever wandered around the eastern part of Dartmoor and stumbled upon outcrops that appear to be nameless? Well, fear not, as this book will act as an invaluable guide. It will teach you about the history of the rocks and showcase a tremendous collection of references to a number of obscure publications – quotes that are yet to appear in print.

East Dartmoor’s Lesser-Known Tors and Rocks by Max Piper was published by The Dartmoor Company in October 2022 as a paperback book comprising over 350 pages. It also includes over 240 photographs. Foreword supplied by renowned Dartmoor explorer and lesser-known tor enthusiast and writer Tim Jenkinson.

You can order your copy now from the author. Please specify if you would like a signed copy.

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We have also created the following lists that may come in handy:

Ordnance Survey
Tors and significant rocks that are represented on 1:25,000 scale Ordnance Survey Maps

Lesser Known Tors (LKT)
Tors and significant rocks that are lesser known and are not repesented on modern Ordnance Survey maps. Given the number of entries, this may take some time in loading.

Public Tors
Tors and significant rocks that exist on land accessible to the Public. Please note this also includes those that are 'Public (part private)' and should you wish to visit the private sections, then permission from the landowner should be sought. This may take some time in loading.

Tors by Height:
Tors and Rocks in Descending Order
Tors and Rocks in Ascending Order
Please be aware that these pages display the entire database collection of tors and significant rocks and may take some time in loading.

The Full List
Please be aware that this page displays the entire database collection of tors and significant rocks and may take some time in loading.

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A lot of time and effort has gone into the building and maintenance of this database, ensuring that both proper credit and reference are given to each individual tor. We are proud to see that many of the names of lesser known tors are now being used more commonly on other websites and whilst this is to be encouraged we do ask that should you wish to use any information found on Tors of Dartmoor, you provide a link to the website as reference, either using the main domain name ( or the relevant address listed at the bottom of each individual tor page.

Please also consider a small donation to the upkeep of the site; any contribution goes toward the fees to keep the database online and any costs incurred when undertaking research such as subscriptions to online archives.

Further Info

We are delighted to announce that this database includes the excellent work of Tim Jenkinson, who has spent the last decade documenting the outcrops on East Dartmoor. For more on his work, visit East Dartmoor Lesser Known Tors.

You can also drop into our "Team" page to find out a little more about Tim and the other members of the Tors of Dartmoor team. In addition, we acknowledge the works of a few individuals.

Visit our "About" section to understand the reasons for the database and the format we have presented this information.

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If there are any tors you consider to be missing, or discrepancies, we are happy to investigate, add, or correct an error. Simply fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.