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Babeny Rit Tor

Babeny Rut Tor

It seems that the name of Babeny Rit or Rut first appears in a chapter on 'Farming' by Michael Havinden and Freda Wilkinson in Dartmoor A New Study published in 1970. It is also shown on a map in the same chapter and is linked to an area of what is rough ground to the east of a right angled bend in the East Dart river well to the south-west of Babeny Farm and forms part of the 70 acres of pasture that the authors describe as 'too steep and too rocky and too marshy to cultivate.'

Although generally applied to a thoroughfare the word 'rut' is defined as 'a stretch of road made impassable by ruts, holes or waterlogging'. At Babeny the name has become attached to this section of land and the terrain here is as one might expect quite problematic for walking as it is also overgrown with unchecked gorse.

Set downstream of and on the opposite bank to the spectacular vegetation covered cliff known as Blackator Rocks, Babeny Rit itself is littered with rather scruffy looking outcrops some of which have trees and bushes growing from their crevices which are scattered a short way above a flat marsh plain that often floods in the winter making access even more difficult. As a result the area is rarely visited.

Babeny Rit Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 668 748
Dartmoor Forest
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Tim Jenkinson
Michael Havinden and Freda Wilkinson
Tim Jenkinson (2015): Dartmoor Discovered: The East Dart north of Dartmeet: Dartmoor Magazine No 121 Winter p 40-41.
Michael Havinden and Freda Wilkinson (1970): Dartmoor A New Study

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