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Blackator Rocks

Blacka Tor

This most impressive riverside outcrop of cliff like proportions is first shown on a plan of the East Dart River complete with the names of various enclosure walls in the book edited by Crispin Gill (1970) 'Dartmoor A New Study'.

However apart from Hemery's (1983) account the first proper description of the tor named as 'Blacka Tor' is actually provided by Tim Jenkinson (1996) in Dartmoor Magazine number 42 where he states 'forming a spectacular array of huge blocks of granite that climb high above the river, the tor's stature is perhaps best viewed from the eastern bank where the many large and twisted oak trees growing from its substance can be seen'.

Visiting the tor is difficult as many of the paths leading to it are now overgrown. The rocks can still be reached with perseverance via an approach from the south along the eastern bank of the river one that skirts the top edge of Stone Park and then comes down under the rocky slopes of Babeny Rut. A little marshy ground from there on in gets you to the rocks albeit on the opposite side of the river, but you will not be disappointed.

Blackator Rocks
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Grid Ref:
SX 6671 7504
Dartmoor Forest
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Michael Havinden
Freda Wilkinson
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