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Boulters Tor

Boulter's Tor, Boulders Tor, Twist Rocks, Twyste Rocks

On the eastern edge of Smeardon Down, this is a non-granite tor consisting of two piles, with a wall built over both of them. Easy access is provided via the bridleway from Peter Tavy which lies to the south by a small mound of rock known as Furze Tor.

Eric Hemery remarks that "...the higher, main pile of Boulters Tor (approx. 1,075 feet) is involved in the well-preserved outer wall of the Twyste enclosures; this runs westward just below the crest of the down and intrudes a bold spur into the environs of Peter Tavy. On the brow is another, more broken crag and, under the south-west side of this, a circular enclosure forty-two feet in diameter, presumably a very small pound."

The two outcrops are actually quite separate from one another with the slightly higher one at SX 5249 7807 being the more well-known, but the compact rectangle-shaped pile at SX 5262 7813 is also interesting and is shown in the above image; it has been known locally by the name of 'Twist' or 'Twyste Rocks' for some 40 years, the former spelling being a corruption of the latter. It seems that this name is used to distinguish the outcrop from the summit pile.

Boulters Tor
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SX 525 781
Peter Tavy
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Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor

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