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Buttern Rocks

Buttern Hill, The Cuckoo Stone, Buttern Tor

Buttern Rocks are a long band of short outcrops running along the top of Buttern Hill, the highest point of which is at the southern end. Two small outlying outcrops also lie to the north at SX 6522 8885 and there is evidence that some of the rock in this area has been plundered.

William Crossing gives insight to other names: "Our next point is the summit of Buttern Hill (R. 24, 38), on which is a small cluster of rocks sometimes referred to as Buttern Tor, and to which also the name of the Cuckoo Stone has been given, rather over 1/2 m. to the N.W."

While none of the rocks reach an impressive height above the ground what they do possess is an abundance of artefacts: a tethering ring at SX 65279 88703, a millstone at SX 65276 88699 and two logan stones at SX 65287 88651 and SX 65278 88694 respectively. The views are also extensive from this little-known spot out towards Mid Devon and the wooded fringes of North-East Dartmoor.

Buttern Rocks
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SX 6527 8870
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William Crossing
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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