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Calveslake Tor

Calves Lake Tor

Sitting above the small stream called Calves Lake is the tor bearing that name, a short, squat pile on the gentle slope of the hill that appears to present of little interest from afar. Indeed, commentator William Crossing (1909) was pretty dismissive when he wrote about Calveslake Tor, describing it only as "a small pile".

Writing much later, Eric Hemery (1983) is more complimentary and goes on; "So overlooked is it by the adjacent lofty hills that it succeeds, itself, in overlooking little more than the tiny stream at its foot. The rugged kistvaen complete with coverstone, on the south-east side of the tor, is well worth seeing." This cist is a fine specimen that is situated on a small mound in the form of a grass-covered cairn just above and to the south-east of the main outcrop.

The humble tor does boast some interesting features, including a small, undocumented logan stone on the south-west side that rocks under pressure and it is the site of an old letterbox described by Richard Elliott entitled 'the original Calveslake Tor letterbox' in a recent edition of Dartmoor News. To the north of Calves Lake, there is evidence of tinners' streaming and many of the surrounding combes have been thrown up by tinners, especially up the Plym valley towards Plym Ford.

Calveslake Tor
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SX 6081 6762
Shaugh Prior
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Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor
Richard Elliott: Dartmoor News Issue 175 August/October 2020: The Original Calveslake Tor Letterbox

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