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Challacombe Hill Rocks

A series of low lying fissured outcrops are scattered with patches of clitter across the far northern slopes of Challacombe Hill. A few of these are indicative of a once small tor at this spot. The rocks look interesting from afar to the north and have some appeal at close quarters.

The views to the north are stunning over the old tin mining landscape under Birch Tor and the Warren House Inn can be seen away in the distance further west. Nearby to the east is Challacombe stone row described by Worth (1953) as a 'Triple row which lies on the water-parting between the watersheds of the East and West Webburn rivers on the north slope of Challacombe Hill.'

He refers to the northern end of the row as being 'destroyed by the excavation of Chaw Gully' and gives a length 528 feet. There is a menhir at its southern end.

Challacombe Hill Rocks
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SX 6891 8062
North Bovey
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Tim Jenkinson
Tim Jenkinson: Tors of Dartmoor Website
Richard Hansford Worth: Worth's Dartmoor

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