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Coombe Down Tor

After their visit in 1996 Sanders and Watson provide the following details "Coombe Down has a most attractive rock formation on it, which should be termed Coombe Down Tor. Coombe Down Tor has had a major wall built into it, with most of the tor lying below the wall". This it seems is the first reference to the rocks which lie to the north east of the much better known but less impressive Shapley Tor. Neither William Crossing nor Eric Hemery describe the area even though the rocks are particularly distinctive when seen from the north west on Shapley Common.

The name of the tor resurfaces in 2012 when Tim Jenkinson gives this overview in Dartmoor Magazine "In recent months I have returned to the Coombe Down area to make an assessment and there is quite obviously a tor here, a cluster of what appears to be three main but low outcrops part involved in a field wall". He gives the location as some 350-400 metres north east of the summit of Shapley Tor and comments on what he terms the "peculiar oversight" of previous commentators in their failure to acknowledge the rocks. He is particularly critical of Crossing who in Excursion 59 describes a route from Moor Gate over the Common to Shapley Tor, adding that "There is no mention of the rocks on the top of Coombe Down that would have been clearly visible on high to the left of the approach to Shapley Tor".

The tor on Coombe Down is part public part private, with the rocks on the east side of the wall being on open access land.

Coombe Down Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 7041 8228
North Bovey
Tor Classification:
Public (part private)
Rock Type:
Alan Watson
Dr. Peter Sanders
Dr. Peter Sanders and Alan Watson: Tors List 380 Tors Visitations (published privately)
Tim Jenkinson (2012): Dartmoor Discovered: Shapley Common and Coombe Down Tor Dartmoor Magazine 107 Summer p. 56
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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