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Crockern Tor

Crockern Torr, Crockerentorre, Parliament Rock

Above Crockern Farm on the B3212, this granite outcrop is quite insignificant at a first glance, but was once the meeting place of the Stannary Parliament, and grabs your attention on closer inspection.

Crossing mentions an unknown rock somewhere near to the tor which was called the 'Judges Corner'. The author describes it as being: "...not far from Spader's Cottage, on the right of the way going into Postbridge, and at a corner of Muddy Lake Newtake."

Better known, however, is the 'Parliament Rock', which sits some way to the south of the summit outcrop. To paraphrase Hemery in 'High Dartmoor', he describes how this rock would act as a natural sound-board allowing the human voice to be amplified over the court area below and in turn, voices from the court area could be heard from above. There is also an OS Benchmark on the summit pile at SX 61591 75840.

Crockern Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 6158 7580
Dartmoor Forest
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Ordnance Survey
William Crossing
Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor

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