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Deancombe Rocks

Sitting beside the remains of a small tin mine beside the Deancombe Brook, this is an obvious small tor at the brook's confluence with the Narrator Brook. The rocks can be reached via a path that descends from Cuckoo Rock as it crosses over the streams here. The tor is made up of several modest boulders and outcrops sitting below the hilltop in the valley, and is a wonderful picnic spot.

The area abounds with disused tin mines, the one just north of here known as the 'Combeshead Tin Mine'. Heritage Gateway describes it; "The site comprises a wheelpit, building, two probable settling pits, three mortar stones, and an adit. An archaeological field survey in 2006 recorded that the wheelpit, constructed of moorstone, was badly disturbed, rubble filled and had internal dimensions of 11 metres long and 1.1 metres wide."

"The leat which supplied the waterwheel may be traced as a shallow earthwork for approximately 45 metres to the north. A ruined building is situated to the west of the wheelpit. This has internal dimensions of 3.4 metres long by 2.5 metres wide with walls surviving to a maximum height of 0.8 metres. Beside the building are the earthworks of two rectangular buddles, one measures 3.2 metres long by 2 metres wide and 0.3 metres deep. The other measures 2.8 metres by 1.3 metres by 0.6 metres." The name of 'Deancombe Rocks' seems appropriate since the outcrops sit within the same named valley.

Deancombe Rocks
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SX 5858 6841
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Max Piper
Beth Robotham

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