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Devil's Tor

Devils Tor, Devil Tor

Situated beside a standing stone known as the Beardown Man, this is low exposed granite atop the hill. There is also a separate outcrop further south.

The name of the tor is intriguing, and Crossing tells us that: "The menhir is quite close to Devil's Tor, which does not consist of piles of granite, but merely of flat rocks scattered about the hill. Although it bears a name suggestive of some tradition I have never been able to gather any in connection with it. It was the opinion of one moorman whom I consulted that the pillar represented the Devil..."

The Beardown Man, the tall standing stone dominating the scene, is much more famous and acts as a conspicuous landmark for some distance and is even the tallest on Dartmoor, at over 3.5m. It is unknown as to why the stone was placed here, but we can only surmise that its original purpose was to act as a way marker or to symbolise religion.

Devil's Tor
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SX 5964 7962
Dartmoor Forest
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William Crossing
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William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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