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Down Ridge Slab

On the southern slopes of Down Ridge above the village of Hexworthy, an area of the moor known for having little in the way of natural features, there is a huge granite slab just off the track from Horse Ford Cross to the Hooten Wheals Tin Mine. Its exposed flat appearance is rather strange and unusual for Dartmoor.

Down Ridge Slab may only rise to a couple of metres at its southern side but the sheer size of this bedrock is worthy of recognition in our database. Whilst its south face is obvious when stood below, it is not visible from the track a few metres away to the north where the majority of visitors to the area pass, en route to the Hensroost and Hooten Wheals tin mines, collectively some of South Dartmoor's most spectacular areas of industrialisation.

The best approach to visit the slab is from the old mining track from the road above Hexworthy where the gradient for the ascent to Down Ridge is minimal. At first, the old track disappears across a boggy field of gorse on the hill's eastern side before improving as it levels out and turns south-west. Once you reach some ruined buildings at SX 65664 71099 strike south-south-west to the granite shelf which can't be missed ahead.

Down Ridge Slab
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Grid Ref:
SX 6564 7100
Dartmoor Forest
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Max Piper
Max Piper: Tors of Dartmoor

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