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Eagle Rock (Bench Tor)

Bench Tor, Benchy Tor, Benjy Tor, Benjay Tor, Benjie Tor

The exact location of 'Eagle Rock' can only be speculated but it's somewhere between the North and South Tors. William Crossing tells us of Bench Tor; "This consists of several piles, two of them being named in an old deed North Bench Tor and South Bench Tor respectively, which overlook the Gorge of the Dart. Another is known as the Eagle Rock."

Eric Hemery explains that "One of the smaller piles was once called 'Eagle Rock' - as also was the summit of Looka Tor on the valley floor - and there can be little doubt that the solitude and awesome nature of the scenery in the vicinity of both tors made them an ideal habitat for the golden eagle before men drove him into the fastnesses of northern Scotland."

Because of the ambiguity in the two main descriptions from both Crossing and Hemery it is impossible to confirm the exact location of the Rock and whilst it is a name that has generated intrigue it has unfortunately become an enigma due to a lack of clarity from the previous commentators.

Eagle Rock (Bench Tor)
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SX 691 717
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William Crossing
William Crossing (1912): Guide to Dartmoor
Eric Hemery (1983): High Dartmoor

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