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East Dart Falls

Waterfalls, East Dart Waterfall

Eric Hemery, in 'Historic Dart', describes the splendid scene where the East Dart gathers pace after Sandy Hole; "South (downward), the river makes a spectacular display in descending from upper to middle reach. The granite bed is much exposed at the edge of the upper-reach peneplain, and this Dart has cut and eroded at the beautiful place called Waterfalls, where the water is impelled towards a hidden defile between Broadun and Lade Hill and descends 400ft to the middle reach in the central basin."

The exposed granite bed consists of many large slabs some of which are only submerged when the river is in spate. The edges of the bank reveal emergent style granite walls and the slopes either side are littered with large boulders that support the waterfall's inclusion in this database.

Whilst this is a popular attraction its remote location is enough to ensure the visitors do not descend en masse and quite often your exertions will be rewarded with some solitude.

East Dart Falls
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Dartmoor Forest
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Eric Hemery: Historic Dart
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