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Figgie Daniel

Despite its prominence, relatively few people have described this distinctive rock stack on the south-eastern shoulder of East (Easdon) Down. Eric Hemery (1983) is the first in High Dartmoor (p.724) giving it the curious name of 'Figgie Daniel' he writes "The eastern extremity of the down known as 'Easdon Hill' is marked by a cairn and the conspicuous rock pile of Figgie Daniel (approx 1,400 feet). Its massive north face looks out to the north-east border country and from its broken south-west foot may be seen a good view of the River Bovey's gorge in Lustleigh Cleave and the fine border prominence of Hunter's Tor." It lies on the slope some 500 metres to the east of the triangulation pillar at Easdon Tor and certainly commands spectacular views especially to the south-east towards Great Hound Tor and the twin bosses of Hay Tor Rocks.

Sanders and Watson list the feature in 1996 describing it as "a smaller version of Bowerman's Nose. The pile of Figgie Daniel has the appearance of a standing man; it is far enough away from Easdon Tor to be called a Tor in its own right". But despite its obvious grandeur Ringwood (2013) offers a rather disappointing assessment "One granite outcrop on the SE side of Easdon Tor. Part of the tor has collapsed and there is clitter below. There is a hollow rather than a basin on the tor. A bridleway and fields are found to the S and forest to the E. Extensive views SSE over Barracott and beyond".

Both of these latter accounts describe Figgie Daniel as a 'tor' but fall short of depicting the scene here. This magnificent pile stands up proudly from the Down to about 5 metres high on the west side, it is remarkable and certainly rivals the more famous and celebrated Bowerman's Nose across the valley of the Hayne Brook. It is unclear as to where the name originates from, but it may relate to a moorman who once farmed in the area.

A grassy path links the stack to the summit tor on Easdon Hill which in turn links to the bridleway coming up from Barracott Farm to the south. A little northward of Figgie Daniel lies the interesting but less noticeable pile of Bowda Tor, although there is no obvious path to it through the gorse. A visit to the area is thoroughly recommended as you will not be disappointed, and the vista alone is simply breathtaking.

Figgie Daniel
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Grid Ref:
SX 7347 8228
Tor Classification:
Valley Side
Rock Type:
Eric Hemery
Reference / Further Reading:
Eric Hemery (1983): High Dartmoor
Dr. Peter Sanders and Alan Watson (1996): Tors List 380 Tors Visitations (published privately)
Ken Ringwood (2013): Dartmoor's Tors and Rocks
Tim Jenkinson (2022): Dartmoor Discovered: The Rock Piles of Easdon Hill and Down DM 147 Autumn

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