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Foxworthy Tor

Small Tor, Vornoxworthy Tor

William Crossing first describes Foxworthy Tor in his 'Guide to Dartmoor' (p304), but it is difficult to decipher its true location as he places it somewhere between the principal piles of Raven's and Hunter's Tors.

Terry Bound (1991) explains that it is "in fact a scattering of large rocks." Tim Jenkinson's article on this area in 1996 (Dartmoor Magazine Issue 43) suggested the site where a large flat overhanging rock with clitter below can be found some 275 metres above Raven's Tor, not far from the summit path. Since then, Tim has also located two small piles in the woods just above Foxworthy Farm at SX 7596 8210 and SX 7590 8220 that collectively are otherwise known as 'Lower Foxworthy Tor'.

The top of the main pile at SX 76265 82128 is crowned with two shallow rock basins and the views of the surrounding tors and hills are amazing. Given the information and descriptions on offer, this would appear to be the most suitable site for Foxworthy Tor.

Foxworthy Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 7627 8214
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William Crossing
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Terry Bound: The A to Z of Dartmoor Tors
Tim Jenkinson: The Lesser Known Tors of Dartmoor, Dartmoor Magazine Issue 43 Summer 1996

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