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Fur Tor (Okehampton Range)

Vur Tor, Vwr Tor, Forter, Vurtorre, Queen of the Moor

Known as the 'Queen of the Moor', this is the most remote of the tors on Dartmoor. A huge area of numerous outcrops, some towering and it is viewed from miles around. There is extensive clitter on the hillside.

Best described by William Crossing; "Fur Tor is perhaps the grandest of the Dartmoor tors, for while there are some that rise much higher above the ground than the loftiest of the piles here, and also exhibit finer rock masses, there is none that covers so large an area, or whose surroundings are of desolate character as those upon which this lonely tor looks down. Fur Tor is a wilderness of stone."

And; "Masses of grey rock stud the slopes that sweep down to the Amicombe and its tributary stream. On one side the rambler may wander amid innumerable lumps of granite, each a miniature tor, as in a maze." The tor is certainly a place for any Dartmoor enthusiast, and is a common camping location.

Fur Tor (Okehampton Range)
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SX 5878 8307
Dartmoor Forest
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William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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