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Gradner Rocks

This is one of the few outcrops in Lustleigh Cleave that is named on OS Maps but few care to explore the rocks that are a short way above the ascending track from Hisley Bridge to Lower Hisley. The hillside here is steep and loose in places so please take care. There are a few interesting rocks to note, the first a tall, narrow pile on the western side while close to this a distinctive smooth-faced boulder can be found.

Climbing up the slope, a deep incision can be spotted in the form of a cave, somewhat resembling that of the Song of the Sea Cave at Nanjizal Beach in Cornwall. Its dark, gloomy crevice can be entered revealing an unpleasant damp space that does not encourage visitors to linger.

The summit rocks are a little bit disappointing, consisting of a small cluster of granite of no real prominence in comparison to other tors higher up the Cleave to the north-west, but opposite looking out to the fields there is a curious arch formation that is shrouded with ivy.

Gradner Rocks
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