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Ground Tor

Spotted on Google Satellite Imagery in February 2018 by Max Piper and first visited in May 2020, this is a significant slab of granite, an obvious tor remnant, a giant chunk of exposed bedrock that overlooks the Prince Hall Hotel across the West Dart River.

Casting a substantial clitter that reaches the very right bank of the river, the tor affords wonderful views to the west, north and east, including the likes and sights of North Hessary Tor, Longaford Tor and Bellever Tor being some of the more notable tops in view. Also, between here and Prince Hall Rocks and close to the confluence of Cholake with the West Dart, a small stack of rock can be espied beside the shelter of a small group of trees.

The name of 'Ground Tor' is adapted from 19th Century Tithe Maps where they mark this plot of land (887) as 'Prince Hall Ground' on account of the land being within the grounds of Prince Hall. The tor can be accessed by the means of a wooden stile to the south-east by Moorlands Farm but can also be approached from the public bridleway to the east, contouring the hillside, passing a hut circle at SX 62618 73654 that is situated amid the reeds to the main outcrop.

Ground Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 6219 7366
Dartmoor Forest
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Max Piper
Tors of Dartmoor Website (2020)
Devon County Council: Tithe Map of the Parish of Lydford (Forest of Dartmoor)

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