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Halstock Cleave Tor

Some two hundred metres after entering Halstock Cleave, the rate of descent increases for Moor Brook and it begins a beautiful succession of rapids and waterfalls en route to its confluence with the East Okement. The valley sides (Ashbury Tor north and Halstock Down south) have been shaped by its flow, sections stripped back to the metamorphic bedrock, none more obvious than where an outcrop resides below Lower Halstock Farm.

The brook narrows as it drops into a small gorge, eventually forced left by the bulk of Halstock Cleave Tor. It then passes under the most impressive section, a dramatic three tiered pile that, from the path below East Hill, is obvious in winter but veiled by the canopy in warmer seasons.

Whilst it is best viewed, in its entirety, from the left bank, there is a public footpath above this outcrop making it accessible for a closer look. At the tor, you will find the outcrops much taller than first perceived and discover a small stack. The bank of the brook below is quite beautiful here and a place to linger.

Halstock Cleave Tor
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SX 6020 9387
Okehampton Hamlets
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Private (but accessible)
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Paul Buck
Matthew King
Cath Wells
Paul Buck: Tors of Dartmoor

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