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Hen Tor

Hentor, Henter Tor, Henter Tar, Hinter Tarr, Hind Tor

Hen Tor is quite magnificent in appearance. Dominating the several warrens in the area, this is a large granite tor on the slopes high above the left bank of the Plym, with a mass of historical interest in the vicinity. It is best accessed from the Trowlesworthy Tors, to avoid crossing the Plym, which is usually fast-flowing and can be dangerous.

In his Guide to Dartmoor, William Crossing describes the area around the tor; "As the ground rises behind Hen Tor the ascent to its summit is easy, and from here a good view of the valley is commanded. The most conspicuous object is the Ditsworthy Warren House, with the clam spanning the river, less than 1 m. distant. Below the tor are the ruined walls of the enclosures of Hen Tor Farm, mixed up with those of pounds of an early date. A number of hut circles will also be seen, some being fairly good examples."

In addition, Hemery states; "Hen Tor (1,325 feet) is a striking part of the Plym's middle-reach scenery. Its giant cone, so often dark in appearance, protrudes boldly from Hentor Hill on the side of the Plym ridge rising three hundred feet above it. Spreading fanwise from its north-west foot is one of the most remarkable clitters on Dartmoor."

Hen Tor
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SX 5934 6532
Shaugh Prior
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Valley Side
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Ordnance Survey
William Crossing
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Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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