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Hexton Tor

Hexton Tor is first described by Eric Hemery who refers to it as a "much scattered rock pile". He goes on to explain that "the summit rocks however are large, and the intervening cavities prettily adorned with heather and bracken during the summer, but its position and natural camouflage in winter make it at times difficult to find from the Lee Moor road backed as it is by the bulk of Shiel Top."

Hexton Tor is essentially a group of lowly broken rocks on a small spur to the west of the Leaning (Hanging) Rock boundary marker on Hexton Plain that Dave Brewer refers to as a 'menhir'. He explains that it is inscribed on its east face with the letters C and B one below the other but is doubtful of the interpretation that this might stand for Cholwich preferring instead what he describes as the "more rational explanation" that it defines the bounds of the original clay sett with the 'C' standing for clay.

Despite the tor's shattered remnant the clitter is considerable and is strewn south and west on the slope above various trenches, ditches and tracks that scar the hillside. The encroachment of the China Clay Works virtually to the edge of the tor is off putting as the small pile is in real danger of being overwhelmed by the wheels of industry.

Hexton Tor
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SX 5812 6372
Shaugh Prior
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery (1983): High Dartmoor
Dave Brewer and Kath Brewer (2002): Dartmoor Boundary Markers: And Other Markers on and Around the Moor

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