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Holne Wood Tor

A modest rock face of non-granite rock can be found within the magical Holne Wood, owned by National Trust. Best seen from the south side it reaches about 3 metres in height but much more of it is obscured by the vegetation.

Its vertical cliff face extends for quite some way above a small stream which is particularly deep after heavy rain. It rises abruptly from what can only be described as a floodplain on the steep hillside north of Holne village, suggesting that the River Dart (or Double Dart) was once much wider than it is today, eroding the hillside causing this outcrop to become exposed.

Holne Wood Tor can be reached from both ends of Holne Wood but accessibility from New Bridge is much easier. You walk alongside the picturesque Double Dart past the beautiful wild swimming spot known as 'Horseshoe Falls' before crossing an indistinct bridge at SX 70381 70175, immediately after which some tiny stepping stones are reached. The tor can be found on the left-hand side above the aforementioned small stream, somewhat hidden in the trees.

Holne Wood Tor
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SX 7035 7019
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Tim Jenkinson

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