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Inner Pupers

Inner Puppers, Pupers Hill, Puppers Hill

This is the easternmost of the three small tors on Pupers Hill where the views, particularly those out to the coast at Torbay and Teignmouth, are quite striking. The outcrop is essentially a predominantly grassy knoll that reveals a small rock face from below, but it is perhaps the most disappointing of the group on account of its lack of stature.

The southern end of Inner Pupers resembles a poised block of granite with nooks and crannies beneath where a small animal may find shelter. This is the first outcrop reached when approaching from the steep slope above Chalk Ford and Lud Gate and is a good point at which to stop and catch your breath.

A tale is associated with the rockpiles on Pupers Hill and William Crossing explains that; "Turning S. along the brow of the hill we cross Gibby's Beam, and make our way south-eastward to Pupers, the piles of which we seen on the hill before us. There are three of these, known respectively as Inner Pupers, Pupers Rock, and Outer Pupers. The word is a corruption of Pipers, and the usual story of men being turned into rocks for playing and dancing on a Sunday is related to these masses."

Inner Pupers
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West Buckfastleigh
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William Crossing
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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