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Kestor Rock

Kes Tor Rock, Kes Tor, Castor Rock, Castor, Cas Tor

This is a large, distinctive and quite magnificent granite tor dominating this part of the moor and Shovel Down. Quickest access is from Batworthy Corner where there is space for a few cars.

Perhaps best described by Crossing; "It has been suggested that the tor may have derived its name from the Celtic kist, i.e, chest, which, indeed, is not improbable, as its square form certainly gives it a resemblance to such an object. Though not of great size Kes Tor is nevertheless striking in appearance, its situation contributing greatly to this."

However, the most impressive feature of this particular tor is its huge array of rock basins, one of which holds the title of Dartmoor's largest. Referring to the largest rock basin, Worth writes; "It was discovered by Ormerod and at the time of the discovery was filled with peat and stone. Ormerod had it cleared of this deposit and was told that it had been filled about one hundred years before as presenting a small pool dangerous to sheep. Leaving it cleared he had a railing erected round it." The interesting thing about this is that if you study the basin you can still see the filled in holes where the rails were fixed into the granite. What's more is that George Wareing Ormerod (1810-1891), was a geologist born in Astley, Lancashire, October 1810. He is recorded in the Census of 1861 as 'Solicitor MA Oxon'. His address at that time is Mill Street Chagford which fits perfectly with his 1858 assessment of the rock basin at Kes Tor. After all his exploits on Dartmoor in 1881 he is recorded at Woodway Road, Woodway, Teignmouth, aged 70 and still a 'Solicitor MA Oxon' with 2 servants. This is where he died in 1891 aged 80 years.

Kestor Rock
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William Crossing
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William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor & Amid Devonia's Alps
Richard Hansford Worth: Worth's Dartmoor

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