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King Tor

King's Tor

King Tor might be seen as a non-event, as you will almost certainly approach it from the southern side, first passing the huge grassy mound of King's Barrow, to reach a small pile of rocks, but take the time to round the granite boulders and you will see that this is a special spot. The tor is not on the top of the hill and cannot be seen from southern viewpoints, but from Easdon Tor in the east it presents as an obvious ruined tor that has cast a large clitter down the steep slope above the farm of Kendon.

The outcrops are modest and scattered in no uniform pattern, but they possess a certain character that will charm the visitor as the rocks boast one of the most impressive views to be had on Dartmoor: a long, distant one stretching northward where the eastern foothills of Dartmoor give way to rural Mid Devon countryside. A shallow rock basin has formed on the highest outcrop.

King's Barrow is a more prominent feature and readily visible from both Hookney and Hameldown Tors. It is a bronze-age burial mound that is described by Historic England; "Despite partial excavation, King's Barrow round cairn survives well and contains archaeological and environmental information relating to the monument and its environs during the prehistoric period. This cairn is one of a cluster of large cairns situated in prominent positions within this part of Dartmoor. It is considered that as a group they formed significant territorial markers."

King Tor
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SX 7095 8157
North Bovey
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Valley Side
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Ordnance Survey
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Historic England: King's Barrow on King Tor, Hookney Down

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