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Kit Steps

About three quarters of a mile to the south of Kit Rocks on the banks of East Dart River is a rather picturesque spot known as Kit Steps expertly described by Eric Hemery in the following terms as he descends in the direction of Sandy Hole Pass; "The crossing place at Kit Steps is beautiful. The river twists, dividing at a tiny island and foaming around the adjacent flat rocks that form the natural steps."

Hemery continues; "There are falls and the banks in summer are heather clad; above the left bank is a mound covered by scattered rocks and beneath it a tinners-diversion channel- for Dart here is at the commencement of the largest medieval streaming works on the Moor. The right bank is almost cliff like as the result of erosion by the river and from its fern and moss covered crock crevices two trees have sprouted, first in this lonely land and favoured as a nursery by that vicious recluse the carrion crow."

Indeed the west bank of the river here is spectacularly rocky, forming a small cleft with vegetation covered rock faces in an otherwise quite featureless section of open moor. The east side has more granite strewn across a gentle hillock just as the author depicts. However, the continuing lack of representation on the modern map has unfortunately led to an error in location with Mike Brown in 'The Gazetteer of Dartmoor Names' putting the Steps much further to the north and west of their actual position.

Kit Steps
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor

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