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Laughter Tor

Lough Tor, Loughter Tor, Laugh Tor, Lar Tor, Larter, Laddretorre

Laughter Tor has a magnificent vista well worth a visit to experience, but its granite outcrops are short and a little incentive for many walkers to stray further than the mighty Bellever Tor. Do not be mislead, however, as the north-eastern outcrops separated by a wall, are more impressive and there are several antiquities to explore.

In 'Amid Devonia's Alps', Crossing says; "Mounting the steep bank we crossed the road, and passing up by the ruined buildings which were connected with Brimpt's Mine, we pointed straight for Loughter Tor. On the slope of this tor, near the summit, is a kind of small cattle pound, an oblong enclosure with high walls, having a gateway on its higher side."

To the south of the tor is the Lough Tor Maen (Man), an impressive standing stone. Worth comments; "At the north-west end stands a fine menhir, when fallen this was measured at 12 ft in length, it has been re-erected to stand 8 ft 8 in. in height." Interestingly, he also uses the names Lar Tor and Larter as alternatives for Laughter Tor.

Laughter Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 6532 7569
Dartmoor Forest
Tor Classification:
Summit Avenue
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Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Amid Devonia's Alps
Richard Hansford Worth: Worth's Dartmoor

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