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Little Boulters Tor

Hemery (1983) states that 'Little Boulters' is; "A small pile above Twyste Lane, near which a path runs to Twyste" and from this rather vague description Tim Jenkinson has deduced that the most likely location of this tor is approximately 300 yards to the south and west of the main pile of Boulters Tor at SX 524 780. However, to date, in order to confirm his suspicions, he has been unable to locate a path in this area, except that is for one to the north east of Boulters Tor, where a bridlepath passes to the west of Twyste Farm. Indeed a short distance beyond the gate, to the left, there are several large rocks that are involved in the field wall, yet despite their appeal, Tim is sure that this small group is nothing more than an outlying cluster of the main tor, and has otherwise been given the appropriate title of 'Twyste Rocks' by locals having apparently been known by this name for 40 years. For this reason Tim has assumed Hemery's 'Little Boulters' to be the rock pile beneath Boulters Tor, one of the many scattered across Smeardon Down.

This small tor is crowned by a huge split and weathered rock of black and grey appearance, which is characteristic of the rocks and tors found in this segment of the moor, known as the Dartmoor aureole. On its eastern side the rock forms a substantial face, that has flattened through weathering, to such an extent to produce a series of low steps, along which it is relatively easy to reach the summit. Below the main rock a small clitter is strewn across the gentle slopes above the lane, that contains within it a rather bedraggled oak and hawthorn tree.

The scenery from above the tor is splendid. Peter Tavy village and church are visible west, whilst to the south and east the giant dome of Cocks Tor Hill towers above the smaller piles of Sharp and Great Combe Tors, on the opposite side of the valley. Further east the scattered remains of the lowly Set Tor, lie to the right of the Peter Tavy track, as it opens out on to the moor below White Tor.

Little Boulters Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 5232 7802
Peter Tavy
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor

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