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Little Gnats' Head

Little Gnat's Head, Little Gnats Head

This is a rather strange name to associate with a tor but that is exactly what we have here. The tor in question is quite small and nondescript, but as it is situated a short way to the south of Calveslake Tor it is worth a visit when in the vicinity, first passing the ruined kistvaen between the two outcrops that deserves some inspection.

Eric Hemery (1983, p.196) offers minimal description of Little Gnats' Head on the side of Calveslake Hill; "The knoll of this spur is Little Gnats' Head (approx. 1,380 feet), where a small logan-stone and a few scattered boulders are remnants of a vanished tor."

Indeed, other than its good views of the upper part of the Plym valley and across to the Hartor Tors, there is little to recommend in visiting this spot other than to bag the tor but the boulders do provide a good platform from which to enjoy the peaceful surroundings in this quiet corner of the South Moor, and the area in Deadman's Bottom nearby is well-known for its clusters of prehistoric items such as cists and cairns that are worthy of exploration.

Little Gnats' Head
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Shaugh Prior
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