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Little Links Tor

Little Lynx Tor, Little Lints Tor

As its name suggests, this is the 'Little' Tor below the giant rocky crest of Great Links Tor on the far north-western edge of high Dartmoor. Often bypassed by ramblers when walking between Arms Tor and Brat Tor to the celebrated 'Great' neighbour, the tor nonetheless is worthy of merit and commands a spectacular position on the slope of the hill, where the conspicuous mound of Great Nodden rises above the River Lyd owing to its nickname of 'Plum-Pudding Hill'.

The appearance of this tor is very similar to that seen further up the hill of closely jointed granite that is parallel to the gradient of the hill, in this case steep, and below the suspected head of a cross at SX 54597 87066 can be located flat in the grass, its purpose unknown but possibly as a consequence of a stone cutter abandoning it.

The modern spelling of 'Links' is a relatively new one since for a long time 'Lynx' was used, both in books and on old Ordnance Survey (OS) Maps. William Crossing (1909), when writing about Great Links Tor, states that; "Mr. King derives the name of this tor, which he renders Lynx, from lynnek, or lynnic, wet, marshy, but we fail to see any justification for this." The author is referring to Mr Richard John King who wrote The Forest of Dartmoor and its Borders, An Historical Sketch (1856). Interestingly, some old OS Maps display Little Links with the 'Lynx' spelling but not Great Links, which Worth (1953) also does. It is not entirely clear why the spelling for both tors was not kept consistent during this time.

Little Links Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 5471 8698
Lands common to the Parishes of Bridestowe and Sourton
Tor Classification:
Valley Side
Rock Type:
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Dartmoor Crosses: Little Links Tor Cross Head

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