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Little Longaford Tor

A little-known tor first reported upon by Eric Hemery (p 455) who provides a fleeting reference to the clitter of 'Little Longaford' as a place where 'the seedlings of Wistman's Wood have thrived for centuries'. There are two possible sites for the tor. Firstly, at SX 6158 7774 just to the south some 50 metres or so from the conical main heap of Longaford Tor, is a smaller cohesive pile. This is a sizeable tor and certainly gives rise to a large clitter on its lowest slopes above the ancient oaks of Wistman's.

The second choice is the much smaller and detached circular outcrop to the north of the Littaford group at SX 6156 7750, which Hemery describes as more of 'an outlier of Longaford'. The largest rocks of this tiny tor lie on its eastern side a short distance to the west of the main ridge path. There is little of note around the tor but once again on the lower slopes above the West Dart the hillside is littered with scattered and broken boulders, some of which are large enough to form small outcrops.

The scene here is one of great ruin, masses of granite strewn across the hill's crest with views north westward to Crow Tor. It is Hemery's lack of clarity on the actual location of Little Longaford and its position in relation to the parent tor that has led to this compromise.

Little Longaford Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 6156 7750
Dartmoor Forest
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Eric Hemery
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor / Walking the Dartmoor Waterways: A Guide to Retracing the Leats and Canals of Dartmoor Country.
Tim Jenkinson: Lesser Known Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor

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