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Logging Rock

Teign Logan Stone, Teign Logging Rock, Drewsteignton Logan Stone

This fantastic balanced rock is positioned on the north-west (left) bank of the River Teign under Hunt's (Hunter's) Tor and rests on a large curved backed boulder that is set in the river. Its name of "Logging Rock" can be found on the Tithe Map for the Parish of Drewsteignton.

Often described in the literature of the late 18th and early 19th Century as a logan or rocking stone that Samuel Rowe reminds us once formed an important feature in the "Mystic apparatus of Druidism". Rowe in "A Perambulation of Dartmoor p.34" goes on; "The celebrated Drewsteignton Logan Stone might be repeatedly passed by, without exciting more curiosity or attention than any other huge granite mass standing aloft in the bed of the river". It seems that Reverend Rowe was quite taken with this rock for on page 109 he makes another reference to it, calling it a "monumental relic". If that wasn't enough he comes back again on page 122 with even more details, the logan "Rising boldly out of the bed of the river, near the northern bank. It is an irregular pentagonal mass the sides of which are of the following dimensions". The widths were also measured by Rowe, the "Eastern five feet four inches in width, northern seven feet eight inches, north-west six feet four inches, south-east five feet four inches and the southern towards the river ten feet six inches. It is about seven feet six inches in height at its west corner". Interestingly, he claims that the rock "Still logs perceptibly but very slightly by the application of a man's strength".

From comparing old photographs from c1860 with the present day Tom Greeves (2015) shows apart from the growth of vegetation just how little the area has changed over time.

Logging Rock
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SX 723 897
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Samuel Rowe
Devon County Council
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Devon County Council: Tithe Map of the Parish of Drewsteignton (1)

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