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Longaford Tor

Longford Tor, Long Tor, Southbeetor, South Be Tor

The most impressive tor along the long ridge south from Crockern Tor up to Higher White Tor is Longaford Tor, north of Two Bridges. Some old OS maps call the tor 'Longford Tor', however this is likely a misnomer in addition to the earliest reference we can find, by Benjamin Donn, calling it 'Southbeetor'.

William Crossing, in Guide to Dartmoor, describes the tor; "The rambler will do well to ascend Longaford Tor, which attains an elevation of 1,595 feet, for the view from it is exceedingly fine. The pile is rather different in character from most of the tors on the moor, consisting not of the rocks alone, but of rocks and turf, and is thus very easy of ascent. It is somewhat of a conical form, and a conspicuous object."

To the west of the tor is Wistman's Wood, one of three ancient oak woodlands still surviving on Dartmoor. These woodlands must be robust to survive the harsh conditions on the moor, and is a popular place for walkers. This tor also features greatly in Kenneth Day's (1987) book 'Days on Dartmoor Diary 1939-45'. He and his family spent many happy hours on the slopes of the tors above Wistman's Wood. He even named his house 'Longaford'. Mr Day used to edit books for the author Eden Phillpotts. The good air of Dartmoor meant that he lived to be 107.

Longaford Tor
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SX 6156 7795
Dartmoor Forest
Tor Classification:
Summit Avenue
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Ordnance Survey
William Crossing
Ordnance Survey Maps
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor
Kenneth Day (1987): Days on Dartmoor Diary

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