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Lower Stonelands Linhay Tor

There is simply a bewildering array of granite on the wooded slopes above and to the north of the house at Stonelands so much so that is hard to remember where you are at any given time. Rocks and outcrops seem to spring out of nowhere, hidden by trees, each with their own identity.

The most obvious and dramatic cliff like outcrop juts from the hillside like a giant granite lizard overlooking the gardens. This is The Cliff or Stonelands North Tor so called as it is north of the house. Above that and high in the woods and not far from the viewpoint looking down into the gardens is a rather shabby rockpile covered in vegetation. It stands in two main parts close together, above an old fenced off mine shaft and close to a ruined barn a possible linhay. The mining area here is not clear but many nearby places were used to excavate for iron in the 19th Century.

Above the small tor the area is marked on OS maps as Higher Stonelands Linhay and given its distance to the south and proximity to the named feature (the apparent linhay) in the absence of any other information we have conjured up the name to fit.

Lower Stonelands Linhay Tor
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SX 8135 8030
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Tim Jenkinson
Paul Buck
Tim Jenkinson: Tors of Dartmoor

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