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Lustleigh Cleave Bottom Tor

Low down on the slopes of Lustleigh Cleave and deep into the heart of the wood where the main path crosses through from the Rover Bovey to Heaven's Gate and, soon after, Pethybridge, are several large boulders presumably having tumbled to this place from the tors on high.

The largest rocks are little more than 20 metres or so above this stunning woodland path that traverses the hillside that is strewn with boulders and bracken and twists through the trees towards Heaven's Gate where there is a proliferation of bluebells in spring. The main section of this little tor is actually a large outcrop that is likely bedrock and is another of the Tim Jenkinson discoveries from April 2016. It resembles an oversized manure dropping topped with leaves and moss and is particularly splendid when the sun pokes through the canopy illuminating the granite.

Lustleigh Cleave is one of the most geologically fascinating areas on Dartmoor because its formation is largely down to the Sticklepath Fault, a wrench or tear fault that cuts through the heart of East Dartmoor. The fault has resulted in one of the most beautiful woodland valleys on the moor and some of Dartmoor's most spectacular woodland tors that can be found further up the hill. Although the Bottom Tor in Lustleigh Cleave may be a modest example of an outcrop, it is still worth a look when taking the footpath between the aforementioned river and Heaven's Gate.

Lustleigh Cleave Bottom Tor
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Tim Jenkinson
Tim Jenkinson: East Dartmoor The Hidden Landscape: Rocks and Tors

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