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North Hessary Tor

Hessary Tor, Hisworthie Tor, Ysfother, Hisworthy Tor, North Hisworthy Tor, Efforther

North Hessary Tor is dwarfed on this large hill thanks to its 196 metre transmitter station. This doesn't mean the tor isn't worth a visit though as atop the summit trig point you are afforded with some of the finest views in the national park. Even William Crossing himself said that he could count at least 50 other tors from it.

The tor is very satisfying; the southern side appearing with a huge overhang that provides good shelter. North Hessary actually has a PCWW 1917 boundary stone built into the main outcrop. It was found by Mark Fenlon of the Milestone Society. Unlike the typical granite posts that border the catchment area for Burrator Reservoir, this one is carved into the outcrop itself.

There are two main routes up to the tor, either from Princetown or Rundlestone, following the newtake walls. It was once recorded as Hisworthie/Hisworthy (speculated by Dave Brewer. More about this is discussed in Little Hessary Tor), and Ysfother in the Perambulation of 1240.

North Hessary Tor
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SX 5787 7422
Dartmoor Forest (formerly Walkhampton)
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William Crossing
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William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor

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