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Owlacombe Burrow Rock

Owlacombe Barrow Rock, Hollowcombe Burrow

This is the emergent rock face at Owlacombe Burrow where the Duke of Somerset boundary stone resides, on the parish border of Bovey Tracey and Ilsington.

On the Legendary Dartmoor website, Tim Sandles tells us; "There is some slight confusion here as the actual Owlacombe Burrow is not the name of the boundstone but more than likely the nearby outcrop. This is thought to have been a boundary point on the old Anglo Saxon Peadington Landscore which marked the limits of an early Saxon estate and was called Ruwa beorgh which translates as Rough Barrow. The boundstone of 1853 simply adopted the name which some could take as actually being Owlacombe Burrow."

The boundary stone, just above this modest non-granite rock, seems to have sadly suffered some minor damage on one of its edges.

Owlacombe Burrow Rock
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Grid Ref:
SX 7764 7765
Bovey Tracey
Tor Classification:
Rock Type:
Harry Starkey
Tim Sandles
Dave Brewer
Tim Sandles: Legendary Dartmoor: Haytor Down
Tim Jenkinson: Lesser Known Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor
Dave Brewer (2002): Dartmoor Boundary Markers: and other markers on and around the moor Halsgrove p94-95

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