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Red Trail Boulder (Becky Falls)

On part of the strenuous Red Trail around Becky Falls is this huge pyramidal boulder set right beside the narrow path. Clothed in a cape of green moss it is indeed a striking sight.

The rock, which presents as a vast wall of moss-covered granite, extends downhill towards the even more challenging Purple Trail and Becka Brook. Described as 'very demanding' by the owners of the Woodland Park, there are indeed various granite boulders that will need negotiating to follow the Purple route. Surprisingly, the base of Red Trail Boulder is obscured by the trees and cannot be seen from here.

If you are brave enough to attempt the Purple Trail you will experience the most remote part of the attraction, a path that is seldom traversed and retains much beauty in the form of the Lower Falls at SX 76476 79996. These lesser-known falls are by no means comparable with the massive stacked up boulders above, but they are still charming in their own right. (Please note that there is no direct connection between the Red and Purple Trails; they are both one-way and, should you wish to complete both, you will need to return to the footbridge by the cafe to tackle the next route where it departs at the 'Log Bridge'.)

Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park requires a fee to enter (please see here for the current prices), but it is still worth it to enjoy this beautiful wooded valley that is peppered with huge granite boulders that have spilt down to the brook.

Red Trail Boulder (Becky Falls)
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Grid Ref:
SX 7641 7998
Tor Classification:
Private (but a fee to visit)
Rock Type:
Tim Jenkinson
Reference / Further Reading:

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