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Ripin Tor

Nympenhole, Viper Tor, Oddy Tor

Set in a private field above the farm at Beckhams and to the south-east of the hamlet of Water is a ruined tor, with just a glimpse of a fissured stack of rock visible through trees when viewed from the byway running from the farm down to Houndtor Wood. It consists of two main granite outcrops and is dissected by a farm wall. The Tithe Map shows this land to be called "Ripintor".

But this could also be the Oddy Tor referred to by Sir Walter Besant, in his fictitious novel "To Call Her Mine", who also uses the name of Nympenhole and Viper Tor to describe the rocks.

We say "could be" because even though the descriptions in his book lead to this location, looking at Tithe Maps for Manaton, there are two plots of land called "Higher Nympkinhole" and "Lower Nympkinhole" to the north-east of here, which sit below another outcrop found by Tim Jenkinson, that he called Water Cleave Tor.

Ripin Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 7649 8058
Tor Classification:
Private (seek permission)
Rock Type:
Tim Jenkinson
Paul Buck
Sir Walter Besant
Sir Walter Besant (1889): To Call Her Mine
Moorland Walks: Oddy, Nympenhole, Viper - Separating Fact from Fiction

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