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Roundy Park Rocks

This is a group of large rocks with one main outcrop little more than 100 metres or so to the west of the Roundy Park prehistoric settlement. Whilst covering a relatively small area, the exposed granite here is more tor-like than its neighbour Braddon Lake Rocks and is noticed if you follow the track known as Drift Lane (or Turf Road) north-west from Postbridge, this shown as a public bridleway.

The Rocks are set a short way south of a wall that forms part of the newtake, whilst another area of broken granite can be found at SX 63747 79679 that is bisected by the boundary. Splendid views are afforded eastward towards Hartland Tor which from here presents as a striking granite mass entangled in the gorse. Left of this and further up the East Dart valley you may just be able to see the large rock that bears the William Donaghy Memorial. There is a sparse clitter below the Rocks that no doubt would have provided useful moorstone for the construction of the nearby interlocking walls.

To the east, at SX 6391 7967, just outside the Roundy Park settlement, there is a fine kistvaen and Paul Pettit, in his book 'Prehistoric Dartmoor', states that it is "the best known of these" whilst also writing: "The internal measurements are 6 1/2 ft by 4 ft and when restored the depth was 3ft. The end stones are single slabs but one side is of two stones, the other of three: and there are two coverstones. It therefore consists of nine stones, unlike any other kist on Dartmoor and megalithic influence is clear." This celebrated relic is easily visited by use of a gate below the Rocks, and is well worth a visit.

Although Roundy Park Rocks are easily overlooked due to their lowly stature beside the track (Drift Lane) to the whaleback of Broad Down, they nonetheless offer a wonderful view upstream acting as an appetiser for the high, wild moor that looms ever so near as one ascends the hill after crossing Braddon Lake.

Roundy Park Rocks
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SX 6375 7963
Dartmoor Forest
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Tim Jenkinson
Tim Jenkinson: Lesser Known Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor
Paul Pettit: Prehistoric Dartmoor (1995) page 111. Forest Publishing, Newton Abbot

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