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Ska Rocks


Situated above the much-celebrated Lion's Mouth drinking fountain (SX 63078 93890) is an area of rugged non-granite rocks, the uppermost section of which culminates in a small outcrop part involved with a path on the north side of Belstone Cleave, at SX 6306 9387. The vibrant moss and dark trees obscure some of the tor as it extends eastward towards the lane from Skaigh (or Ska, the older spelling) to Sticklepath.

The modest pile of Ska Rocks were first introduced by Paul Rendell in Dartmoor News Issue 170 September/October 2019.

The fountain has the name 'Rockside' on it. Chris and Marion Walpole, in 'The Book of Belstone', describe how this name came to be; 'Around 1875 Skaigh Wood became part of the Rockside (Skaigh House) estate when William Symington bought 88 acres of mixed woodland and the Warren. He laid out riverside paths, placed five seats and built a 'fountain', two bridges and four summerhouses. A hunting lodge, whose ruins are still visible, was erected on the slopes overlooking a pheasantry.'

Ska Rocks
The map above is not a navigation tool and we recommend that the grid reference shown below is used in conjunction with an Ordnance Survey map and that training in its use with a compass is advised.
Grid Ref:
SX 6307 9388
Tor Classification:
Rock Type:
Paul Rendell
Paul Rendell: Dartmoor News Issue 170 September/October 2019: Exploring the Tors in Belstone Cleave
Chris and Marion Walpole: The Book of Belstone (2002)

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