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Snappers Tor

Hemery's Middleworth Tor

William Crossing is the first to describe the location of this outcrop on the lower slope of the Down Tor ridge, mentioning it twice in his Guide; the first mention, when describing a walk from Cuckoo Rock to Dean Combe, is the most illuminative; "The farm of Dean Combe is seen near by. From here the road runs on to Middleworth before reaching which a fine grove of trees is passed. Above this R. is Snappers Tor."

He describes the tor a second time, when walking in the other direction; "As we near the farm we notice very close to us on the left a pile of rocks, the blocks composing which are of large size. This though sometimes regarded as an outer pile of Down Tor, being placed on the flank of the hill on which the latter rises, is yet rightly given the locality a distinctive name. It is there known as Snappers Tor, and while not of great height is certainly striking in appearance."

Eric Hemery describes the same outcrop but goes with the name 'Middleworth Tor', siting a lower pile as Snappers Tor. However, it is Crossing's location that is preferred and is also supported by the Tithe Map for Walkhampton showing two plots of land named 'Snappers' higher on the Down, the theory being that the lower pile is Middleworth Tor and named after the farm of the same name.

Snappers Tor
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Grid Ref:
SX 5733 6930
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William Crossing
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