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Southbrook Tor

As soon as you enter what Woodland Trust call 'Grey Park Wood' from the north end at Buckland in the Moor, you can espy outcrops to your left, across the watercourse known as Ruddycleave Water, and a conveniently placed, charming single clapper bridge below which provides access.

The tor, so named because of its position behind the farm called 'Southbrook', presents as a series of several small outcrops dotted across a large mound, hinting at an emergent tor. The rocks here are dark and sharp-edged like teeth gritting tightly where the moss hasn't taken hold yet, and it is likely that more of the tor is buried under woodland carpet.

Exploring the outcrops of Southbrook Tor is more difficult than it looks because the hillside offers very little grip with slippery bedrock being just centimetres below the woodland floor - so please be vigilant when exploring off the track.

Southbrook Tor
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SX 7235 7298
Buckland in the Moor
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Paul Buck
Max Piper
Paul Buck & Max Piper: Tors of Dartmoor

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