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Stannon Tor

Standon Tor

Although now largely in ruins, judging by the masses of clitter on both the western and eastern sides, Stannon Tor still possesses a modest granite outcrop on the summit of the spur.

Hemery; "...the building material for which lay near at hand in the wilderness of moorstone surrounding Stannon Tor (Anglo-Saxon 'stennen', 'stony': 1,517 feet). The summit pile is, in fact, of slight interest compared with the tremendous clitter below it, which suggests the former existence of a tor of some magnitude. The immensity of many of the slabs and boulders comprising the clitter induces in one a sensation of being Gulliver in the land of giants."

"Good views are obtainable, to east and south, of the Central Basin, while the Dart leaving the defile under Broadun and approaching Ladehill Bottom is particularly fine." It was also spoken of as Standon Tor by Crossing in Amid Devonia's Alps.

Stannon Tor
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SX 6465 8113
Dartmoor Forest
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William Crossing
Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey Maps
Eric Hemery: High Dartmoor
William Crossing: Amid Devonia's Alps

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