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Round of Beef, The (site of)

William Crossing notes this curiously named granite outcrop in Guide to Dartmoor; "Here we turn L. to Foxworthy Bridge, a clapper spanning the Bovey, on the bank of which just below is the mass of granite known as the Round of Beef, and shall find ourselves in one of the loveliest nooks in the whole of Devon."

In Gems, when writing of Lustleigh Cleave, he enthused; "Other piles have also fanciful names attached to them, one being known as Harton's Chest, and another as The Foxes' Yard. A rock near the river, and not far from Foxworthy Mill, bears a name which should render it a fit companion to the Parson's Loaf. It is the Round of Beef, the very sound of which is calculated to arouse anticipations of the most pleasing kind in the mind of the visitor who has been wandering all day on the moor."

Whilst this is indeed a lovely spot, the "granite mass" Crossing refers to is not apparent, with suggestion that it was likely ruined in the widening of Foxworthy Bridge. There is, however, to the west of the bridge, right beside the path, a large boulder that could, dependant on the walkers' imagination and appetite, be mistaken for the Round of Beef.

Round of Beef, The (site of)
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William Crossing
William Crossing: Guide to Dartmoor & Gems in a Granite Setting

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