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Walrus Stone, The

The Belstone Clanger, Holloway Parson Rock

Near the track leading out onto the moor from Belstone there is an unusual natural granite boulder. The well trodden lawn around its base shows that others have gravitated to it.

A quick tour round the rock shows it resembled the rudimentary shape of a large seal. However, we have learnt that the locals call it 'The Walrus Stone' and it is also known in the Letterboxing community as 'The Belstone Clanger'.

We have since discovered another name appeared in Dartmoor Magazine Issue 71 Summer 2003, when describing a rather scruffy inscription on it; "A large and distinctive stone on Belstone Common, locally known as 'Holloway Parson' rock has been found by Dr Tom Greeves to have the initial 'B' carved on the side facing the River Taw. Another 'B' stone exists nearer the river, but the 'newer' one appears not to be so widely known." Where the name originates or what the 'B' signifies is unknown to us here, as the bounds of Belstone Parish are further south.

Walrus Stone, The
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Grid Ref:
SX 6210 9240
Tor Classification:
Rock Type:
Unknown of Local Origin
Moorland Walks: Evening stroll along the Taw and over Belstone Common
Dr. Tom Greeves: Dartmoor Magazine Issue 71 Summer 2003

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